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New video Mont Crosin - Ein leises Säuseln (a gentle whisper) published on YouTube

Our earlier YouTube video White stork "Max" - the first three migration years has already been viewed over 1'000 times

Music based on scientific data from air and space

For their contribution to the Music Festival Bern 2009 "Vom Himmel" (litterally from the sky) HUGO stuck to the theme of the festival very closely. The tunes of "HUGO in the sky (no diamonds)" are based on data collected from different sources in the earth's atmosphere and its nearer space - our solar system. One of the pieces was taken over from the previous program "HUGO hat Töne". It focuses on the massive ongoing disappearance of bird species. It is structured in such a way that the extinction of the species and one of its main reasons, the shrinking of the birds' habitats, are audible in the music.

Further data that provided the basis for the trio's new compositions stem from the first non-stop balloon flight around the world by Bertrand Piccard und Brian Jones, the tracking by satellite of a stork equipped with a radio emitter, the planets' orbits around the sun, or from space missions to study the solar wind. Thus the program features music "from the sky" in a very litteral sense!

At the group's performances, the audience can not only hear the sound sequences produced by Rudolf von Steiger with his computer getting combined with the improvisations of Daniel Schümperli and Lukas Frey. The trio also explains many interesting aspects about the data collection as well as their scientific interpretation and musical transposition.


Previous performances:
2009: April 24 and May 2, ONO Bühne, Bern as part of the Festival "Vom Himmel".
  November 11, Museum of Natural History Bern.
See Live-CD

August 22, ONO Bühne, Bern. Celebration/performance on the occasion of HUGOs 10-year jubilee and the launching of the YouTube channel HUGOskytrio.

  September 23, University of Bern, Researchers' Night
2012: May 9, University of Bern, Day of Europe Ceremony
  June 14, Espace Jean Tinguely - Niki de Saint Phalle, Fribourg. Event during the art show "Ein leichtes leises Säuseln" by Franz Brülhart. With further performances by bigeneric / Marco Repetto; André Rossier with Band; Christian Schmutz (Lyrics in Sense Dialect).
2013: 20. Januar 2013, Hotel Rigi-Kulm, Performance during RIGI-Workshop 2013 of scnat "Thinking Big in a Small World: Creativity in the Molecular Sciences"

Interview with HUGO by Hannes Hirschi (in German, "eine ausgestorbene vogelart, ein swiss-linienflug und eine klimastation werden zu musik"), published in ensuite 76, Bern edition, April 2009.

Culture essay by Peter J. Betts (in German, "Die Basis der Politik ist eigentlich"), published in ensuite 85, Bern edition, January 2010

CD HUGO in the sky (no diamonds)
Recorded live at the Museum of Natural History Bern
11 November 2009
(25 sFr. Switzerland, 30 sFr. abroad)